Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the financial well-being of the organization and its policies. Habitat for Humanity International believes that good governance is necessary for a sustainable, healthy affiliate. The yearly signing of the Covenant ensures that while leadership changes and affiliates may change, the mission and main tenets of Habitat for Humanity are followed.


Ana Haas

  • Family Selection Committee

Jed Haas

  • Board President

  • Family Selection Committee Chair

  • Construction Committee


  • Construction Committee

  • Day Work Crew

Yeprem Kelegian

  • Family Selection Committee

Patricia Miller

  • Board Secretary

  • Family Selection Committee

Suzette Scaife

  • Mentoring Committee

Bill seidel

  • Fundraising Committee

Jeff Siuta

  • Board Vice President

  • Construction Committee

  • Day Work Crew

Gary Stowers

  • Board Treasurer

  • Finance Committee



Racine Habitat for Humanity recognizes the value in creating a diverse workforce, which reflects the communities that Racine Habitat aims to serve. In such an environment, the dignity of all individuals are respected, and the diversity of all employees is appreciated.



LeAnn Launstein

  • Exectutive Director

Leigh Ann (LA) Elcano

  • Program and Office Director

Jean Murray

  • Bookkeeper

Grace Smieding

  • Receptionist

Shelby Wolf

  • AmeriCorps Volunteer Development VISTA


Tedd Swartz

  • Construction Leader

Greg Hanchon

  • Construction Leader (part-time)

Rafael ramos-Hernandez

  • Construction Leader (part-time)


Thom Bowen

  • ReStore Director

Emily Knaapen

  • ReStore Assistant Director

Mary Tompsett

  • Donation Coordinator